Common Mistakes: What’s the negative form of have?

We use either have or have got when we talk about our possessions, families, personal characteristics and ailments. Remember that we use has or has got with he, she and it:

I have a lot of toys. I’ve got a lot of toys.

My sister has a new boyfriend. My sister has got a new boyfriend.

The negative forms are don’t/doesn’t have and haven’t/hasn’t got:

I don’t have a car. (not I haven’t a car.)

My house hasn’t got a garden. (not My house hasn’t a garden)

We use have (also don’t have/doesn’t have) for actions:

I don’t have breakfast in the morning. (not I haven’t breakfast)

She has a shower every day. (not She has got a shower)

The past tense of have and have got is had. The negative is didn’t have:

I‘ve got a terrible headache. I wasn’t well yesterday, but I didn’t have a headache.

The future is will have. The negative form is won’t have:

If you take this tablet, you won’t have a headache.