Common Mistakes: Plural or Uncountable?

Most plural nouns end in -s. However, some plural nouns are irregular:

My neighbour is a wonderful person. / Our neighbours are wonderful people.

Other irregular plural nouns include: man/men, woman/women, child/children, foot/feet, tooth/teeth, mouse/mice.

Police and staff are also plural: The police are hard-working.

Some nouns have no plural form. We say that nouns such a water, cheese… are «uncountable» because we can’t count them. We can only count glasses/bottles of water and pieces / slices of cheese. Compare:

I’d like some water, please. I’d like a glass of water, please (no two waters)

Other common uncountable nouns include food, furniture, hair, homework, information, money and work. We use singular verbs with uncountable nouns:

The furniture in my house looks very old.

My hair is short and curly.